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Set of both Raphaels Infused Olive Oils, Garlic Infused & Chilli Infused, 250ml each. Infused olive oil condiment from Crete, Greece

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Set of both Raphael's Infused Olive Oils, perfect as a gift, or if you just cannot choose between the two!

Garlic or Chilli Infused Olive Oil, naturally infused with either Garlic or Chilli, both come
in a 250ml bottle. Produced and packaged in Crete, Greece.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is naturally infused with garlic or chilli and contains no additives, preservatives or artificial flavours.

Use as a finishing touch to soups, on toasted sourdough bread and even homemade pizza!

250ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil 96%, Garlic 4%
Extra Virgin Olive Oil 96%, Chilli 4%, 250ml

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