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Sun Touched Tomatoes With Basil & Garlic

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Now in clearance due to short date.

The wording "Expires" is a bad translation from Greek, the label should read Best Before and is not a Use By date.

These end of line jars will be perfectly edible for months to come!

Scrumptious sun touched tomatoes with basil & garlic in sunflower oil. Perfect in your salads, on toasted sourdough or stirred into your favourite pasta.

190g, small batch, Produced in Greece

Natural product, without preservatives 


Sun touched tomatoes 65%, extra virgin olive oil 30%, basil, garlic, salt.

Per 100g

Energy 1160kj/276kcal Total Fat 28g of which saturated 2,5g

Carbohydrates 12g of which sugars 12g Protein 4,8g Salt 3,8g


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